Creating an Inviting Atmosphere for Customers: A Bartender's Guide

As a bartender, it's your job to make sure that all customers feel welcome and comfortable in your bar or restaurant. Learn how to create an inviting atmosphere with this guide.

Creating an Inviting Atmosphere for Customers: A Bartender's Guide

Creating an inviting atmosphere for customers is essential for any bar or restaurant. As a bartender, it's your job to make sure that all customers feel welcome and comfortable. Start by giving a warm greeting when they arrive and sit at the bar. Ask them how their day went or comment on the weather.

Place a cocktail napkin or coaster in front of them and ask them what they would like to drink. If the customer isn't sure, give them some space and remember what regular customers drink. The way waiters communicate with customers is also important. Customers often enter a bar just for fun, and the waiter's job is to provide this experience.

Make sure your waiters know how to serve properly and that they comply with standard servers. The ability to talk to all types of customers in a relaxed and informal way goes a long way to creating a welcoming environment that attracts people. As a waiter, you might be asked to take care of customers who feel belligerent, unhappy, or unwell using your carefully honed customer service skills. Craft beer is becoming increasingly popular, so it's important for waiters to know the different types and brands.

When hiring a new waiter, keep in mind that when a rule poses a problem for the waiter, you may not have the right person for the job. If you own a bar and restaurant, it's important to make sure you create a space that offers a relaxing and welcoming bar atmosphere. Use rustic materials and textures, such as wood, leather, stone and metal surfaces, which create an inviting atmosphere for your bar. Create a selection of beverages that is unique to your establishment and that appeals to your target market.

For example, if someone orders one the old fashioned way, you may have to specify if you want it to be prepared with bourbon, brandy, or whiskey so that the waiter can prepare it. F&B Insights connects to your POS system to provide you with an easy way to enrich, improve and capitalize on your data by creating monthly reports for you and your vendor partners. Enhance the ambience of your bar by adding unique lighting, such as dim lights scattered everywhere or wall lamps above the bar area to create an intimate and comfortable environment for guests. The trick is to offer personalized beverages, exclusive blends and craft beer, or hire waiters with creativity up their sleeves. As a waiter, one of your main responsibilities is to keep customers comfortable and happy so that they stay at the bar and buy more drinks.

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