What is the 50 Rule in Bartending?

The 50 rule in cocktail bars is an important concept for waiters and bartenders to understand. Learn more about this rule and how it affects the number of waiters needed for an event.

What is the 50 Rule in Bartending?

The 50 rule in cocktail bars is a simple concept that all bartenders should be aware of. It refers to the amount of a drink that is still in a customer's glass before they can be served another. Once the glass is half empty, it's time to serve up another round. This rule is essential for any waiter or bartender to understand and keep in mind when working in the hospitality industry. When it comes to determining how many waiters are needed for an event, it's recommended to have one waiter for every 75 guests if only beer and wine are being served.

If cocktails are also on the menu, then one waiter should be assigned for every 50 guests. It's always best to discuss options with the venue or event planner when deciding on the waiter-to-guest ratio. I learned this rule early on in my career as a bartender. I was fortunate enough to work in an environment where sanitation regulations meant that even the simplest tasks had to be done with extra care.

This gave me the opportunity to master the technique of opening a screw-top beer with a bottle opener - something that I'm sure many bartenders can relate to!.

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