10 Essential Bar Tools Every Waiter Needs to Succeed

Are you looking for essential bar tools every waiter needs? Here are 10 essential bar tools that every waiter needs if they want to be successful.

10 Essential Bar Tools Every Waiter Needs to Succeed

Whether you want to set up a small bar at home or work in a fancy restaurant, these bar tools are essential and should always be present, especially the basic ones. As a waiter, having the right tools is essential for success. Without them, you won't be able to make the perfect drinks and show off your skills. Here are 10 essential bar tools that every waiter needs to be successful. The first and most important tool is a shaker.

This is the pinnacle of all bar tools. Without a shaker, you're basically a first-year college student mixing drinks in plastic cups in your bedroom. Take the first step to becoming a real waiter and buy a shaker. Your shaker will be your most used bar tool when creating mixed drinks.

Make sure you have one that is both easy to use and durable. You'll also need a measuring tool to be able to measure the quantities of each ingredient in your drink. You can use a basic measuring cup like the one you have at home, or get a measuring tool made specifically for mixing beverages, such as a pressure gauge. Don't focus on the amount of each ingredient, especially when you start. Use a measuring tool to make sure you're consuming the right ingredients. Bar spoons are also necessary for beverages that need to be stirred rather than shaken.

You can use a regular spoon, but they're usually too bulky for a lot of drinks, especially if the drink is in something like a martini glass. Bar spoons are longer and narrower than regular spoons. They make it very easy to stir up any type of drink, no matter what type of glass it's in. A strainer is also an essential addition to your shaker. If you're shaking a drink mixed with fruit, ice, herbs, or anything other than liquid, you'll need a strainer.

For these cases, make sure you have a great personalized bottle opener. Instead of opting for a generic opener, you can show a little bit of your personality and get something unique for your bar. A small, sharp, quality knife is another bartender's tool par excellence. Customers will often want their drinks to be adorned with garnishes such as olives, herbs and orange slices. And that's where our handy knife comes into play. The fine strainer is placed next to the meter and the bar spoon in the holy trinity of modern utensils for waiters.

Waiters tend to move around a lot, especially when they pick up liquor or pick up tools to prevent them from slipping, so they place rubber mats. A tool for measuring the portions of ingredients in cocktails and beverages is more than practical. Setting up a bar at home can be easier, but overwhelming at the same time if you don't know how to choose the right tools and equipment. With a sharp stainless steel blade, the peeler is an essential bar tool designed to remove the skin from fruits. There are lots of great gadgets and delicate tools such as smoke infusers or decorating tweezers that a waiter can use to improve their art. Your goal is to open beer bottles and allow the waiter to perform tricks and show off their skills. Instead of preparing the drink in the serving glass, some waiters will choose to prepare the mix in one of these glasses. But even the most dedicated waiters would be nothing without their essential bar tools to help them along the way. When you invest in these bar tools, it's always better to opt for higher-quality items. Its stem is also twisted but only in the central part and is instantly recognizable by its iconic red rubber tip which provides comfort to the waiter's hand when removing. Made of rubber, they stick to any glassware and waiter tool you use to prepare a drink. A veteran waiter called it a magic spoon and I still appreciate the accessory even though it was thrown away as an insult. These are 10 essential tools that every waiter must have if they want to be a master mixer.

Without them, your job will be 10 times more difficult. Investing in quality bar tools will help you look like an expert from day one!.

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